Pinemeadow, Pinemeadow Golf, Red Alert, Secret Weapon, Tour Leader, Tour The Rules of Golf limit driver clubhead volume to 460cc. Pinemeadow is one of those golf manufacturers that enjoy high popularity as it has been steady in its intention to deliver maximum quality and playability for everyone. A look at some gold drivers to elevate your game. However, this model, being the one with regulated head size, is a good practice tool as well since it will enable you to practice more shots within the accepted size. Some persons have never been able to hit the ball off the tee. It is playable, extremely forgiving and very attractive. It gives greater elevation and makes it easy to … The standard weight of the clubhead is roughly said about 200 gram. Features Many of today’s drivers are made from titanium, so the club head of this driver is also made from titanium. Cost and Value The price of this driver is one of the best that you can find on the market for this type of product since it comes fitted with all your preselected choices such as the loft, the shaft, and the grip. So, using these drivers will allow you to have maximized ball trajectory and much more confidence on the course. Become a Pinemeadow golf affiliate and earn money. Starting the game off the tee requires a great deal of precision and accuracy as it is a golfer’s nightmare to see the ball ending up in somebody else’s fairway. Ultra-light beta-titanium clubhead weighing only 175 grams, Ultra-Thin Crown Technology repositions the CG back and low for higher launch, Variable face thickness for more forgiveness and 830 COR, Not appropriate for golfers with a stronger swing speed. Description. What distinguishes conforming from the non-conforming drivers is what we looked for when selecting the best illegal golf drivers. Product description The PGA 500cc driver features a illegal 500cc clubhead that exceeds the maximum size allowed by the USGA. Are you looking for a highly forgiving driver regardless if it is legal for tournaments or not? Super long and super aggressive is how one would describe the new Acer Super Titan 500. Performance Some of the non-conforming drivers have a sole purpose to enhance the level of enjoyment on the course because the oversized clubheads are more than forgiving, making everyone a good golfer. Did you take a good look at Juggernaut driver? Performance The best way to describe this driver is to use superlatives with every adjective attributed to it as the driver is the biggest, the most forgiving and the most playable. This driver will prove you otherwise. This is one of those drivers that help you regain your confidence on the course, so read below to find out more about its peculiarities. With this club its hard to miss the sweet spot! Even though they are hard to find, we did deep market research and selected the best ten illegal golf drivers that are engineered to make the game of golf fun and indulging activity. Performance The lightness of this golf driver places it below the set standard, making it illegal for tournament play. Original OEM … Cost and Value Once you decide to go beyond the limit, this driver will help you reap the fruits of it in the most harmless and entertaining way. The price is within the average standard when it comes to illegal golf drives. The Bang-O-Matic Driver is the best selling component golf club head EVER in the history of the golf … It has a revolutionary design because of the weighted clubhead that enables golfers to add more distance to their swing. The illegal large clubhead of 520cc has plenty of room to attack the ball from all angles, while the lightweight construction and aerodynamic design will help you get it faster through the air. JavaScript. The New Tour Forged Ti Driver is the hottest drive to come out in 2002. Typically, by making the clubheads larger than the rules allow. As a matter of fact, if you decide to break the rules and get yourself Heater Ghost, you might not have as long ball flight as Rory’s, but you’ll surely see the ball flying much further than you are used to. Sometimes the name of the company is a clear indication of what it makes, so obviously, this one has been set up to offer maximum customization and adjustability with each driver. The PGX is one of their best ones yet, and the 500cc version is just ginormous. The main purpose of buying it can be found in its ability to produce longer and faster ball flights that otherwise might seem impossible. It is one of those clubs that act like personal performance-boosters because once you start playing with it, you’ll see a noticeable difference in the way you play the game. I struggle to use Large headed Drivers because to me they feel like a bucket on a stick. Some of the illegal golf drivers feature weight of 175 grams, making it extra light and playable. If you play with the Pinemeadow for a few years and … The size it features allows golfers an extremely large sweet spot which helps them achieve more forgiveness. When you hit real balls with it is much harder, but it will help you see the lag and maintain correct body posture. The face features one of the most massive sweet spots ever found in a driver to deliver exceptional forgiveness and playability. pair the oversize head with a … The selected driver is the latest addition in the Mazel family, featuring the most advanced and improved technologies that the company is using. In line with this, we have selected those clubs that are designed to deliver enhanced feel and control together with the speed to be able to get the proper effect from the driver. Juggernaut Titanium Offset Driver - Editor's Choice. We said that it could be the last hope for all those almost hopeless golfers thanks to the extremely oversized club head. We love the fact that the 500cc does not make this driver overly large but instead just enough to help out the golfer that needs that little boost off the tee. However, the fact that it has a large 500cc clubhead made it possible for it to find its place on this list as one of the best illegal golf drivers that you can find on the market. Indeed, with this Orlimar model, the least that you can expect is more speed and distance in addition to the higher ball launch, low spin, and better control. The only drawback would be the fact that it doesn’t come with a headcover, so you’ll have to buy it separately. $10.90 shipping. On the other hand, there are some offers that exclude the shaft and offer only the clubhead. Features The reason why we have selected it as one of the best golf drivers for seniors is its game improvement concept seen in the oversized … Other types of illegal golf drivers include, oversized golf drivers (460cc or larger), anti-slice and extra long (over 48 inches in length) golf drivers. With this model the 460cc head volume is within the USGA rules, however, it is the 860+ COR face that exceeds the limitations and makes it non-conforming. Fax 503-855-5152 •, 2. Mind you though that the drivers besides being customizable they are completely illegal, but for Sunday golfers and those who have no progress in their performance, this is one of the best illegal golf drivers that expands the chances of finally have the ball flying much longer than you have ever been able to launch it with a regular driver.