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Firearms Transfers

Firearms Transfers: 

3W Tactical will gladly assist Mississippi residents in firearm transfers. If you place an order or use an online auction site and purchase a firearm requiring a FFL to complete the purchase, contact us.  3W Tactical’s FFL is already on file with a number of popular online distributors. If not, we will gladly send a copy of our FFL to the seller and have them ship your firearm to us.  When we receive it, we will immediately contact you, and you can come to our shop, fill out the appropriate paperwork and receive your firearm.  Fees for the transfer are: $20 for the first firearm on a 4473; $10 for each additional item on a single 4473.

NFA Transfers:

3W Tactical is licensed to handle NFA items. We are also set up to assist you in complying with the fingerprints and photo requirements of form 4 or form 1 applications. Fingerprints and photos are done on appointment only.

If you purchase a silencer or suppressor online and wish to have it transferred to us, contact us and we will contact the seller and submit the proper paper work to have your purchase sent to us.  We will then contact you for an appointment to begin the paperwork for your stamp application once your silencer or purchase has arrived.  Fees on NFA items are: Suppressors, $100 per item.  Machine guns, $150 per item.