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Do you have firearms you want to sell but don’t know how? Let us handle the sell for you on consignment. Together, we will determine the probable price your firearm will bring in auction.
Once we decide that’s the way you want to go, let me handle the rest. Contact for discussion!

New Builders

Are you someone who is a new builder or want to become a builder of AR platform rifles but don’t know where to start or lack the necessary tools to do the job? Contact us, 3WT will be happy to discuss the procedure with you or you can schedule a time to come to the shop, use our tools under our supervision, and build your own AR. Special shop rates for this service.

Outdoor Range

Practice your skills under the supervision of a FBI trained law enforcement firearms/sniper instructor. Handgun and rifle range is available for rent on an appointment only basis. Contact us for rates.

Mississippi Enhanced Concealed Carry Course

**Not available at this time. Working on certification. Get your Enhanced Carry endorsement on your Mississippi Concealed Carry Permit. Training will be done in a small classroom atmosphere, allowing more one on one instruction time.

Customization of your AR

Do you own an AR platform rifle and you’ve decided you want to change the furniture? Or, maybe you own a rifle of one caliber and you want to change calibers to another. Contact 3W Tactical and tell us what you want.


Have you always wanted to learn how to reload your own ammo? Contact us for lessons.